“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and lead a trail.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Connecting Top Brands with Premium Properties

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Sponsorship Sales

Through asset development and value proposition, we find sponsorships that create significant value for your organization.  We are deeply tied to the sports and entertainment industries, and because of this we can seamlessly find the right sponsorship opportunities that will deliver brand exposure through high-profile events.


Naming Rights

We dive into the needs and interests of our clients, and pair the right brands with the right partners. We leverage our expertise in the valuation of naming rights, and create marketing strategies that ensure success We deliver optimal  experiences in a variety of venues including  events held in high school, amateur,  college, and professional stadiums.

Custom Driven Strategies

We recognize that every client is unique.  We deliver services that address that uniqueness. If you have a marketing team in place, and wish to combine your resources with ours, we can create a cohesive and synergistic partnership.  If your organization requires a more hands-on approach, we can partner with leaders in the field to create and execute strategies that fulfill the needs of your organization.

Corporate Social Responsibility 

“Fansumers” often become brand ambassadors, representing your brand to their communities.  We make corporate social responsibility a priority for our clients and this is communicated to the community at large.  Yours will be seen as a positive societal presence because of this.  This is key to our successful partnerships

Sponsorship Revenue Fundamentals

In addition to our focus on building connections with fansumers, the foundation of our consulting and sales services includes key revenue fundamentals.  Even as revenue becomes increasingly difficult to capture, you can be sure that Trenches keeps your ROI top of mind. Properties and organizations of all  sizes can partner with Trenches to develop their value prop, maximize unique revenue streams, and truly differentiate themselves from the competition.


Comprehensive Value Propostion


Freshing Thinking Solutions


Strategic & Custom Content


Authentic Integrations


New Asset Opportunities


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