“There is only one way to succeed in anything –
and that is 
​to give it everything.”

– Vince Lombardi

Trenches Sports and Entertainment

​Revenue is the key to any successful business game plan. There are plenty of coaches out there who will help you draw up that plan but will they help you execute the plays? Trenches will get in the mud with you and make you the superstar quarterback of the team. We will work with you to develop a strong strategy and value proposition across several key revenue streams.  With those tools in hand, we will not only prepare you and your team to sell and make the tough ask but we will also utilize our years of experience and key relationships to shorten the sales cycle and get the job done.

What Motivates Us

We are facilitators of relationships. We thrive on connecting people we do business with and find ways they can do business together. The best deals come from proper communication which starts with listening. We listen to our properties and brand partners to learn their objectives and identify solutions.


To provide consulting, evaluation and revenue generation services to quality sports & entertainment properties run by good people and increase revenue by aligning them with brands through unique sponsorship, naming rights opportunities and event development.